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Play More. BE More!

FUNdamentals of Play facilitates experiential workshops ('PLAYshops') that teach modern day business skills using the power of PLAY! Skills vital to thriving teams such as: storytelling, emotional intelligence, innovation, empathy, resilience, etc.

Based in downtown Toronto, Fundamentals of Play is backed by the power of improv, positive psychology and creativity. 

Why play? Play is so important for all ages. It’s essential to our creativity, development, health and ultimate happiness. It’s not only fun, it adds joy to our life, relieves stress and creates valuable connections to the world around us.


Our Values

  • Mariam Varghis; New Channels Marketing
    The Fundamentals of Play's Teamwork Playshop was a fantastic team-building tool with actionable takeaways and engaging lessons. The HelloFresh and Chef's Plate team left feeling connected, curious, and content!
    Mariam Varghis; New Channels Marketing
  • Sparrow Rose; HR Director
    Loved the enthusiasm and positive energy that our hosts exuded and the games were well aligned to innovation, the time flew and lots of laughter was had!
    Sparrow Rose; HR Director
    Child & Family Services
  • Desiree Broad
    The PLAYshop has left our team with memories for a lifetime! It was great to get everyone out of work-mode and just having fun and bonding, while learning new skills!
    Desiree Broad
  • Michelle Karas; Manager, Operations & Administration
    FUNdamentals of Play brought FUN, collaboration, connectivity and created a safe space for everyone to be themselves! A testament to Elan and Phil for embracing our team and making it an unforgettable experience!
    Michelle Karas; Manager, Operations & Administration
    Egon Zehnder
  • Sabrina Bartlett: Manager Curriculum & Education
    I had the pleasure of working with and listening to Luis as our keynote speaker at our Interprofessional healthcare conference. Luis brought energy, compassion, and fun to the audience unlike I’ve seen before in this setting. The audience of over 200+ healthcare providers and researchers had the chance to have fun and meet new peers. Luis’ engaging talk around psychological safety and team building spoke to the whole room and everyone  left feeling refreshed and excited. Luis was perfect for our main theme; “happiness and joy at work”, which was visible though his energetic and friendly keynote. I would recommend Luis and Fundamentals Of Play for all teams looking to learn more about each other, build connections & most importantly, have FUN!
    Sabrina Bartlett: Manager Curriculum & Education
    UHN (University Health Network)
  • Jessica Rabaey; Communications Manager
    Our corporate team at Seasons Retirement Communities participated in our first PlayShop with Fundamentals of Play. Everyone had smiles on his or her faces and the whole office was filled with laughter and positive energy. Luis made everyone comfortable and blended the fun and games with positive psychology concepts that we can apply in our interactions with coworkers. We loved every minute of it! Thanks for spending the afternoon with us, Luis. You are awesome!
    Jessica Rabaey; Communications Manager
    Seasons Retirement
  • Fatima Al-Setri, Executive Assistant
    My organization’s experience (Network Child Care Services) collaborating with FUNdamentals of Play was exceptional! From start to finish, their workshops on emotional intelligence and team building were transformative for our staff of 150. I wholeheartedly recommend FUNdamentals of Play to organizations seeking to enhance their team dynamics and foster a culture of growth and collaboration. Thank you, FUNdamentals of Play, for the incredible impact you've had on our organization!
    Fatima Al-Setri, Executive Assistant
    Network Child Care Services

Who's Behind This Awesomesauce?

Hi, I’m Luis Serrano - founder and CFO (Chief Fun Officer) of FUNdamentals of Play. I bring tons of energy and experience from 6 years of improv and apply it to my facilitation so individuals and teams can learn organically while also having tons of fun!

I'd love to tell you about the inspiration behind this, because it’s also my story:

In 2015, I felt like I was on top of the world. I was engaged, had a dream job, healthy lifestyle, active social life, a close family. Life was GOOD...or was it?

It quickly all went sideways. Within six months, my brother, dad and I all lost our jobs. My fiancé and I broke up. My world had turned upside-down and I suddenly felt like I had no purpose in life.

When I finally did get a new job, I still felt unfulfilled and like a failure (my boss and corporate culture did NOT help). Severely depressed, feeling worthless and alone, I isolated myself from my friends and family. 

It felt like I had arrived at a dead end.

Craving Change But Not Knowing Where To Start

One day I decided to take the first and most important step: I invested in myself. I hired a life coach. I studied positive psychology. I went to therapy. I got a puppy. I reconnected with my faith. Most importantly, I started doing things I loved again and this developed into a passion for all things play.

My life slowly started to turn around. I felt like me again. I was able to be silly, laugh, play and see endless opportunities in front of me. I thought I was on top of the world before but it was on shaky ground. Now I’m on top but with a rock solid foundation.

I even got a tattoo to celebrate, ask me about it :)

Play. Positive Psychology. Trying New Things

These 3 things became the inspiration for my PLAYshops. It all works. I’m living proof. I now realize how much I can contribute to the world and the endless possibilities to do it. It helped me learn how to better connect and has led to a fulfilling career.

I want you to know that I’ve been there. I know what an enormous impact jobs & careers can have on our lives. We interact with our teams on a daily basis and so the culture we build and skills that we use, become immensely important.

Most importantly though, I know what it takes to get back on track and thrive both personally and professionally.

The same can be true for you and your team.

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