Here are some Teams We Have Played With!

What is FUNdamentals of Play?

Experiential team building for thriving teams!

Play brings joy to our lives, relieves stress, stimulates creativity, and improves relationships.

FUNdamentals of Play facilitates fun & engaging workshops that harness the power of PLAY to help teams learn, connect & grow! We focus on the skills that allow teams to thrive and that really matter! Skills such as teamwork, innovation, resiliency, and emotional intelligence to name a few.

Using experiential games, positive psychology, and playful finales, our PLAYshops will help your team learn to succeed in the most fun way possible!’

Why FUNdamentals of Play...


For Team Building... that is both fun AND impactful!

Looking for fun Team Building Activities in Toronto? You've come to the right place!

All teams need a chance to refocus and reconnect and there is no better way than through PLAY. 

Our Team Building PLAYshops will give your team an unforgettable & unique experience that will help boost its creativity, productivity and morale!

  • Fatima Al-Setri, Executive Assistant
    My organization’s experience (Network Child Care Services) collaborating with FUNdamentals of Play was exceptional! From start to finish, their workshops on emotional intelligence and team building were transformative for our staff of 150. I wholeheartedly recommend FUNdamentals of Play to organizations seeking to enhance their team dynamics and foster a culture of growth and collaboration. Thank you, FUNdamentals of Play, for the incredible impact you've had on our organization!
    Fatima Al-Setri, Executive Assistant
    Network Child Care Services
  • Stacey Crawford, Branch Manager
    After spending a session with Luis, I can fully say that I am an advocate for his program as well as Luis himself as a well-seasoned facilitator. I have many years of public speaking and facilitating experience and it is not the easiest thing to do. To capture the attention and engagement of adult participants can be hard. Luis engaged our group quickly and kept a comfortable and intriguing pace that kept our attention the whole time. Lots of interaction and group participation. I highly recommend Luis and his organization!
    Stacey Crawford, Branch Manager
    TIP Canada
  • Lauren Mercurio-Smith; Manager, People & Culture
    FUNdamentals of Play's Resiliency PLAYshop was a huge hit at Inkbox! We do monthly sessions, and Luis' was the best one yet. He had the whole team up and laughing, energized and feeling engaged. I would recommend Luis and Fundamentals of Play to any organization looking to inject a little life and morale to their team. We will definitely be inviting him back again!
    Lauren Mercurio-Smith; Manager, People & Culture
  • Barbara Kuzel; Social Committee Lead
    PLAYshops are incredible! Participants really enjoyed themselves, let loose and learned some new awesome things around mindset, productivity & teamwork! Great concept with fun and learning merged perfectly.
    Barbara Kuzel; Social Committee Lead
    EY (Ernst & Young)
  • John Walter, IT Director
    As I mentioned at the end of the session - I was all in and knew I'd enjoy the experience (I LOVE TO HAVE FUN!), I was blown away but how many real insights and instantly applicable tools and behaviours you introduced us to. Equal parts of FUN and FUNCTION! Very well designed and expertly delivered!
    John Walter, IT Director
    Lindt & Sprüngli (Canada)
  • Cassandra Harvey, Head of Sales
    PLAYshops changed our team! Not only did their performance increase but they laugh more, they work more as a team, they go out of the way to help one another and the gratitude that they show is beyond my expectations. The positivity in the office is undeniably the best its ever been! They don't fear obstacles now, they love the challenge and celebrate together playing games from PLAYshop when they have overcome them. I highly recommend Fundamentals of Play and especially Luis as a facilitator. Change the way your employees think and have some fun!
    Cassandra Harvey, Head of Sales
    Intrepid Travel