Toronto's Favourite Corporate Team Building Workshops!

FUN experiential team building workshops that create thriving teams!

Here's how you can get started bringing your team together:

  1. Book a PLAYshop discovery call with Luis!
  2. We'll learn about your team event, and the goals you have.
  3. We'll provide you with a few PLAYshop options to choose from.

Here are some Teams We Have Played With!

What is FUNdamentals of Play?

Experiential corporate team building for thriving teams!

Play brings joy to our lives, relieves stress, stimulates creativity, improves relationships & productivity.

FUNdamentals of Play facilitates fun & engaging workshops that harness the power of PLAY to help teams learn, connect & grow! We focus on the skills that allow teams to thrive and that really matter! Skills such as teamwork, innovation, storytelling, resiliency & emotional intelligence to name a few.

Using experiential games, positive psychology, and playful finales, our PLAYshops will help your team learn to succeed in the most fun way possible!’

Why Choose FUNdamentals Workshops For Your Team

For Team Building... that is both fun AND impactful!

 Looking for fun Corporate Team Building Activities in Toronto? You've come to the right place!

All teams need a chance to refocus and reconnect and there is no better way than through PLAY. 

Our team building workshops - which we call PLAYshops will give your team an unforgettable & unique experience that will help boost its creativity, productivity and morale!

How Other Teams Have Added PLAY To Their Workshops!

Alicia Flaherty
Alicia Flaherty
We have used Luis and his team three times for engagement and fun team building activities. The first two times were during the pandemic and their virtual experience was great. We had a team of 70 at that time and everyone was engaged, laughing and having a great time. Most recently we had Fundamentals come in and facilitate our large in-person team building day of 150 people. Their energy, enthusiasm and content kept everyone fully engaged throughout the day. I highly recommend Luis and his team for your events. They were also adaptable when our tech during the day wasn't working 100%. They have the best 'can-do' attitude, they are very responsive and you can fully trust them to host your event so everyone can participate and have a great time.
Champ Pog
Champ Pog
Would highly recommend for corporate events!
Arlene Gray
Arlene Gray
Are you looking to bring in a top-notch organization to do some team building activities with your team? Look no further - you have found your answer! I brought them in to do a half-day session with my work - it was impactful and fantastic!
Dianna Goveas
Dianna Goveas
Had such an amazing time with Philip and Emmy this afternoon at the Team Building session. They are such a great team, totally motivating and inspiring. I highly recommend them for any corporate team building event.
Louise North-Hastings
Louise North-Hastings
The Fundamentals of Play team bring a great energy to each session. The way they communicate their message through activities and games makes the learning fun and engaging. I have liked the way the team connects prior to the planned session and will customize activities to relate to your work/role/environment. We have enjoyed both in person and virtual sessions. Looking for opportunities to work with Fundamentals of Play again! Thanks!!
Fatima Al-Setri
Fatima Al-Setri
My organization’s experience (Network Child Care Services) collaborating with FUNdamentals of Play was exceptional! From start to finish, their workshops on emotional intelligence and team building were transformative for our staff of 150. The facilitators' knowledge of the psychology behind emotional intelligence and team dynamics was clear throughout the workshops. Sessions were highly engaging and allowed our staff and guests to connect, express themselves, and develop a deeper understanding of one another, making for a perfect balance of learning vital skills for communication and collaboration while having fun and fostering a positive atmosphere. Since participating in the PLAYshops, we have witnessed a profound impact on our workplace. Our staff were inspired to put the skills gained into practice, resulting in an atmosphere of mutual respect, open communication, and teamwork; Luis and Elan helped us cultivate an environment where our team thrives. I wholeheartedly recommend FUNdamentals of Play to organizations seeking to enhance their team dynamics and foster a culture of growth and collaboration. Working with them has been an absolute pleasure. We extend our deepest gratitude to the facilitators for their expertise, professionalism, and dedication to helping our team flourish. Don't miss the opportunity to book them for your own staff workshops! It truly is an investment that reaps lasting benefits. Thank you, FUNdamentals of Play, for the incredible impact you've had on our organization!
Fallyn Forrest
Fallyn Forrest
The Psychological Safety session was great. Luis & Philip were really engaging with high energy and able to engage our participants easily. It was a great session with them.
Roubik Ebrahimi
Roubik Ebrahimi
Our store management team completed the "Teamwork" activity during our national conference. Our team bonded while learning and playing. They were engaged during the 3 hour session and left feeling energized and ready to take on one of their toughest seasons! Between the facilitators positive attitude, the engaging and educational content, and truly "fun" activities, we highly recommend this to anyone looking to reactivate that team spirit, especially after years of remote working.
Steph Dua
Steph Dua
We had fundamentals come in to do a teamwork activity with our team for half a day. It went better than I expected and I had high hopes! Our employees loved it, our management team loved it and we definitely plan to use their services again! The activities were very relevant to our company and our team and brought us closer together. Thank you so much!
Jordyn McGown
Jordyn McGown
The staff at FUNdamentals absolutely EXCEEDED my expectations - they were engaging from the start! From their excellent taste in music, to their upbeat personalities our event with them was FUN FUN FUN! They were flexible with our group size, and made this virtual experience really feel like we were able to connect with our employees. I would definitely recommend them to work places who are looking to forget about what's due next week and want to sit back and be able to play again!

Toronto Corporate Team Building Event FAQ

1Why is team building important?
Team building is the secret ingredient that supercharges teamwork, mental health, and productivity! Studies show that strong team bonds reduce stress by fostering a supportive environment. When employees feel valued & connected, they're more engaged & productive. Team-building activities not only boost morale but also enhance problem-solving skills and creativity. So, it's not just fun and games—it's a recipe for success, happiness, and a thriving workplace culture!
2What's the difference between a PLAYshop and a workshop?
Workshops are the old, boring way of improving team work. PLAYshops use the power of play to create a safe, positive, and creative environment that lead to key insights and takeaways! Play also helps reduce stress, have fun and forge real connections! Our experiential games combined with positive psychology help enhance the vital skills that high performing teams need. Skills such as storytelling, emotional intelligence, innovation, empathy & resilience, to name a few!
3What is the ideal group size for your events?
We work with groups of all sizes! Our in person team building events can be groups as small as 8 or as large as 200 or more! We do have some PLAYshops suitable for different sizes, so get in touch to figure out which one is right for your group!
4Where do your in person team building events take place?
We come to you! Whether it's at your offices, a hotel or event space, we will always travel to you for your team's added convenience! We can also help you find a suitable place if you don't have one already. We travel anywhere in North America but the Greater Toronto Area is our home base.
5Do you offer virtual team building events for remote teams?
We also offer virtual PLAYshops! Go to our Virtual PLAYshops page to find out more