May 1, 2024

Authenticity Unleashed💫: Let’s Make Work Fun Again!

Psychological safety is crucial for effective teams. It fosters a culture where everyone feels comfortable being themselves, contributing their unique skills. Embrace vulnerability, celebrate diversity, and encourage play to create a workplace where authenticity reigns supreme. See our Psychological Safety PLAYshop for more! 🌟
December 29, 2023

Top 10 Fun Toronto Team Building Activities to Boost Team Spirit

Looking to strengthen the bonds within your team while exploring all the amazing offerings the city of Toronto has to offer? Here’s our awesome list of what we think are the Top 10 Fun Toronto Team Building Activities (including a unique experience we offer with our PLAYshops!). Read more.
December 15, 2023

Top 10 Reasons Your Team Needs Team Building in 2024

The dynamics of work are shifting, placing mental health, flexibility, and employee expectations at the forefront, making team building, trust, connection and FUN more important than ever. Here’s a list of the top 10 reasons we think your team needs a team building plan for 2024. Read more.
November 30, 2023

Family vs. Team? How Are You Branding Your Workplace?

While the idea of a work "family" can create a sense of belonging and loyalty, it can also lead to discomfort and blurred boundaries. Some employees may find it awkward to refer to their colleagues as family, especially if they prefer to keep their professional and personal lives separate. Learn more.
November 17, 2023

Surviving the Holiday Hustle & The Power of Teamwork When Things Get Busy!

Holiday planning and the Black Friday frenzy can turn any workplace into a whirlwind of activity, endless to-do lists, and fires that seem to pop up daily. This translates to increased workloads, tight deadlines, and the need for seamless coordination – which means that if you’re part of a team, a strong united front to navigate all the holiday challenges is key. Learn more.
October 26, 2023

Is Your Leadership Team Paying Attention to Psychological Safety?

When you think of the steps it takes to lead a team, you’re probably thinking about setting strategic direction or making critical decisions. But, leadership is also about creating an environment where employees feel safe, valued, and empowered to contribute their best work. Learn more.